What Are Mill Liners?


The term ” mill liners” might sound generic, but it actually has a very specific meaning and mill liners provide and perform an essential service, as the attached video details. So, what are mill liners exactly? Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with the terminology or if you don’t know what mill liners are, chances are good you aren’t alone.

Video Source

In fact, if you don’t work in a specific industry that uses and works with mill liners, then you have likely never used or heard the phrase mill liner, used to describe this valuable accessory and component of grinding and processing mills.

Many of us have probably seen a grinding or processing mill, those typically metallic-looking canister shaped devices used in industries like mining, manufacturing, and construction, among others. Mill liners are the actual lining inside those canisters, and the service they provide is vital to the work, life, and efficiency of the mill itself. There are also a wide variety of purposes and types of mill liners, as you might expect, and a whole world of mill lining companies who use these various types of liners. Yes, it is that simple, and yes, there is also a lot more to it too, from design, materials, purpose, and more. What are mill liners you ask? Now, you know.

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