How Is Hot Melt Adhesive Applied?


Hot melt adhesives work perfectly on a range of materials, including rubber, leather, wood, glass, and metal. The adhesive comes in different forms, heated to liquid before application. It is applied in different ways, as illustrated in the video.

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Below are some ways in which one can apply the hot melt adhesive.


Slot Coating

The method is ideal when one is working with pressure-sensitive adhesives and thin substrates. The method is continuous and precise. The slot applicator dispenses with an accurate thickness and has a system that prevents the premature setting of the adhesive.


Bead and Line

For this method, the applicator’s nozzle ejects a precise amount of hot liquid adhesive and cuts itself off after each firing. The method is ideal when targeting spots that get compressed immediately and fast. To avoid challenges while bonding. Speed is critical for this method.



If not applied carefully, this application method can lead to different challenges. These include irregular coverage of the hot melt adhesive & adhesive that could spill over from the substrate. The application method is ideal for large surface areas and works best by dispensing the adhesive through a hot spray nozzle onto the surface.


Final words

Hot melt adhesive makes bonding easy, faster, and more efficient. The adhesive is eco-friendly and efficient. And it has made adhesive applications across several industries seamless and faster.



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