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How Our Daily Lives Will Always Involve Online Activities


In response to the global crisis, businesses, schools, and organizations shifted from the traditional way of doing things to going virtual in terms of transactions, classes, and events. This setup has heightened the contrast between the privileged and the underprivileged as the former struggles to adapt to such drastic change. But it is undeniable that we all have to keep with the times with this societal change since the new normal is here to stay.

Online learning

Physical distancing is challenging to maintain in classrooms, and using face masks and face shields can make the classroom discussion non-conducive to learning. Hence, schools have to resort to online learning.

Difficulty in focusing on screens, technological issues, sense of isolation, teacher training, and management of screen times are just some disadvantages online learning presents. Add in the fact that the underprivileged do not have the resources to continue their education.

For those fortunate enough to study amid the situation, the advantages are efficiency, affordability, accessibility, increased attendance, and suitable to different learning styles.

Since the elderly, persons with comorbidities, and front liners are the priorities for vaccination, and the younger ones seemed to be far down the line, this continues in many countries worldwide.

Remote work

Telecommuting is advantageous to both talents and companies. This eradicates the limit location presents and attracts people more fitting to the company. It also has financial upsides since the company can reduce office rental, electricity, and other operational costs involved in the old work setup. It is also suitable for employees who had to relocate and leave their families to earn a living. One in three remote workers says they may quit work if companies force them to resume working in the office full time.

Working from home or anywhere else enabled employees to be safer, have flexible hours, reduce commuting time, have a relaxed dress code, and allot more time to their families.

Online shopping

When we go to malls to buy a particular product, we usually shell out more than the original cost since we need to pay for gas, parking, and when we get hungry, dine in. Thus, online shopping is cost-saving. Comparing prices is now more convenient, and we need not jump from one store to another. Some stores also have a direct from the factory system, which makes the prices relatively lower.

online shopping

We can also purchase products only available in other countries and have them shipped to our doorsteps. We can now buy everything we need online, which means it is now easier to part with your hard-earned money if you aren’t careful.


Many businesses have now launched and continued their operations online. Some services include personal coaching or skills-based course. Others have also opted to do dropshipping, freelancing, online teaching, online selling, blogging, virtual assistance, and affiliate marketing. Starting your own business can now be done even by one man, with the help of technology and research. Customers and clients are also easier to reach since they are just at the other end of the screen. More free tools or software that can be availed of at a low cost help make the operations smoother.

Delivery services for restaurants

Satisfying our cravings has never been easier. Now, we can conveniently access different restaurant menus from our mobile phones, and with just a few taps and within just a few minutes, our food will arrive. Like other online services, we can also do this contactless since the delivery drivers can leave the orders in front of the customers’ doors, and the latter could pay electronically.

Virtual events

Coronavirus spares no one and even became more threatening with the new delta variant. Hence, face-to-face events are still forbidden or discouraged to prevent more surge of cases. Organizations have to switch conducting events virtually and sometimes hire virtual event planning services for seamless streaming. This shift is beneficial since hosts, speakers, and attendees need not go to a specific location to join and host an event. The exchange of ideas is no longer location bound and made even more affordable due to lower facilitation costs.

The pandemic has highlighted the errors in the system and notions that we can proceed to a lot of possibilities. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages this pandemic has brought. What is certain is it is here to stay. There is no certainty when it comes to the time this crisis will end. But we cannot wait or even expect for everything to go back to normal because it is apparent that our society is moving forward.

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