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What Maintenance Equipment To Invest in for Corporate Planes

  • Investing in quality diagnostic equipment, such as an engine diagnostic tool and fuel testing equipment, helps detect issues before they become more serious. 
  • Towbars are necessary for maneuvering your aircraft around the airport and should be chosen according to your specific aircraft model. 
  • Hangar equipment, such as lifts, ladders, and work platforms, help mechanics complete repairs and maintenance.
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is necessary for pre-flight preparation and post-flight maintenance. 
  • An aircraft cover and cleaning equipment will help preserve the paint, reduce corrosion, and keep dirt and dust away. 

Investing in a corporate airplane can be a significant expense. While the perks of having a private aircraft can be tremendous, the cost of maintaining it can be equally burdensome. This is because corporate airplanes require regular maintenance and upkeep to operate safely and efficiently. Here’s how to invest in the right equipment that can help you avoid unexpected repairs, ensure safety, and save on long-term costs.

Aircraft Diagnostics

Keeping an eye on the mechanical systems of an aircraft can be difficult, and there are many potential problems that can arise. Investing in quality diagnostic equipment allows you to detect issues before they become more serious. This can help save on costly maintenance bills and reduce unexpected downtime. Here are some examples:

Engine Diagnostic Tool

An engine diagnostic tool is a wise decision when it comes to maintaining a corporate airplane. This type of device can be used to detect any potential problems in the engine and its components, allowing for quick fixes and repairs. Additionally, it can help reduce emissions and engine noise and extend the life of the aircraft engine.

Fuel Testing Equipment

Fuel contamination is a common cause of airplane engine failure. Fuel testing equipment can help you identify potential issues with your fuel before they cause significant damage to your engine. Annual fuel testing is recommended, and this equipment will ensure that you catch any problems before they become costly repairs.

Avionics Diagnostic Equipment

Avionics systems are a critical component of any corporate airplane. Avionics diagnostic equipment is essential to keep the system running smoothly and can help identify electrical issues or faulty parts quickly. This type of device typically includes software that allows you to easily monitor important data and diagnose any potential problems.

Tire Pressure Gauges

Tire pressure gauges are essential equipment for ensuring the safety of your airplane. Properly inflated tires are crucial for takeoff and landing. If your airplane’s tire pressure is too low or too high, it can lead to accidents and cause significant damage to your plane. Regular checks with a tire pressure gauge will keep your aircraft safe and save you from expensive repairs.

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Aircraft Towbars

Aircraft towbars are essential for maneuvering a corporate airplane around the airport. This type of equipment is necessary to move the plane around the grounds safely and securely.

Investing in quality Tronair towbars can help keep your aircraft in good condition, preventing damage that could be caused by dragging or bumping into other planes. In some cases, using a towbar can also save time, allowing for quicker turnarounds and increased efficiency.

If possible, choose the right type of towbar for your aircraft, as some are designed to fit specific models. There are also lightweight options available that are easy to store and transport.

Hangar Equipment

Hangar equipment such as lifts, ladders, and work platforms can be expensive, but they are crucial for maintaining your corporate airplane. These tools help mechanics complete repairs and maintenance, especially for challenging-to-reach areas. Here are some other things you’d need to equip your hangar:

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

GSE is important for keeping your aircraft in working order. This includes items such as air compressors, engine starters, and other specialized tools that are necessary for pre-flight preparation and post-flight maintenance.

airplane parked in a closed hangar with ladders and equipment around

Aircraft Cover

An aircraft cover is a must-have for protecting your plane from the elements. Investing in a good quality cover can help preserve the paint, reduce corrosion, and keep dirt and dust away. It’s also crucial if you’re storing your airplane in areas with extreme weather conditions such as high winds, hail, or heavy rain.

Airplane Cleaning Equipment

Keeping your airplane clean is essential, not only for aesthetics but also for safety. Dirt or debris on your plane can interfere with sensors, cameras, or other critical systems. Professional-grade airplane cleaning equipment will enable you to maintain your aircraft regularly and ensure its longevity.

Investing in the proper maintenance equipment for your corporate airplane can save you money in the long run. Regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of your aircraft, reduce repairs, and ensure the safety of your passengers. Engine diagnostic tools, tire pressure gauges, hangar equipment, fuel testing equipment, and airplane cleaning equipment are vital tools for maintaining your aircraft. So, if you have a corporate airplane or are considering buying one, make sure to invest in these essential pieces of equipment.

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