object(WP_Post)#1018 (28) { ["ID"]=> int(874) ["post_author"]=> string(2) "21" ["post_date"]=> string(19) "2017-06-26 14:35:44" ["post_date_gmt"]=> string(19) "2017-06-26 14:35:44" ["post_content"]=> string(4092) "[spark_ad] Photo by Jay Littleton Cool Moon are a relatively new trio from Houston, TX who over the past year have put out a string of dangerously catchy demos and singles ahead of their debut LP out June 30, Postparty Depression. Led by Andrea Lisi, formerly of the other powerful trio Del Cielo, the band's songs succeed with massive choruses and an immediately relatable sincerity. Today we're happy to release their upcoming LP's second single, "Splitting Hairs," a radio-ready jam about how women musicians are put under more scrutiny than their male counterparts. We spoke with Andrea about forming the band and her inspirations below.
SPARK MAG: Can you share a little about how your band got started?
ANDREA LISI: Cool Moon started when I moved to Houston, Texas for work. I had already written some songs as I write a lot of music.  A vast majority is garbage, but some of it isn't, so I keep it. I didn't know anyone in Houston and made my first friends at a show where after seeing their amazing band Football Etc. I went up and told them I loved their music. I then started playing some of my tunes with the bassist Mercy Harper and friend Ramzi Beshara on drums. Members have changed since then as Ramzi moved to Seattle and Mercy got super busy. The lineup has since been solidified with Anthony Schillaci, an awesome drummer who likes to work on cars and all things Star Wars, and Brian Smyth on bass, who is an amazing guitarist and loves running and soccer.
What was the inspiration for "Splitting Hairs"?
I wrote the new song after seeing a female fronted band that I now love for first time. I found myself watching the singer/guitarist very critically. Watching her fingers, how often she looked down at her hand, her cloths, her hair. I started to wonder if I did this with every band and decided that wasn't the case.  It was women. Why do I do that?  While women are more prevalent in the DIY/Punk music community now than when I was younger, it's still somewhat of a novelty, something to take special note of. I wrote the song about feeling put under the microscope when performing based on gender and to remind myself to try and not do it to others.
What are some influences not just to your music, but the ideas and the spirit of the band?
Musically, I am inspired by so many bands, lots of it mid 90's alternative.  Jawbreaker, Dear You, is still on pretty strong rotation for me. I also love Sleater Kinney, Pixies, Jimmy Eat World, Lifetime, and so freakin many others. I would say the spirit of the band lies in friendship.  I want to play and make music with people I love. I do not have dreams of being in a band as a career. We are all busy in our lives with work and other things. I just want my spare time to be filled with making music with other creative people that I truly enjoy, turning up super loud, and letting loose.
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