Spark Mag is a project of Demand Progress, a national advocacy organization fighting for basic rights and freedoms needed for a modern democracy. Below are some of our current campaigns. Click on any of them for more information on how to get involved.

Tell Tech Companies to Publicly Say “No” to Muslim Registry

8 out of 9 tech companies won’t rule out helping Trump build a national Muslim registry. Journalists reached out to nine major tech companies asking if they would help the Trump administration build a national Muslim registry, and only Twitter said “no.”

Join us in telling the tech companies to stand with their users and all Americans by unequivocally and publicly refusing to help the Donald Trump administration build a national Muslim registry.

End the Electoral College

Even though Clinton won over 200,000 (and counting!) more popular votes, the Electoral College allowed Trump to win.

This is the fifth time in American history, and only 16 years since voters chose Al Gore but got George W. Bush instead, that the Electoral College overruled the will of the American people.

It’s an affront to our democracy and a sign that the system is broken.

Sign if you agree: It’s time to end the Electoral College’s power to overturn the national popular vote.

Stop the AT&T – Time Warner Merger

Tell your lawmakers: “Do everything in your power to stop the AT&T-Time Warner mega-merger. These mergers only serve to line the pockets of corporate executives, while hurting consumer choice, leading to higher prices, and representing a dangerous concentration of economic and political power. Americans don’t need or want another Comcast!”

Tell Washington policymakers: Stop the AT&T-Time Warner takeover!

Stop Warrantless Email Snooping

“Our Fourth Amendment rights should be upheld when it comes to our email and digital communications. Please support a speedy passage of legislation to reform the archaic Electronic Communications Privacy Act in order to ensure the government can’t access our email without a warrant. Reform legislation has already passed the House with an overwhelming, unanimous 419-0 vote, and we strongly urge you to enact reform now and reject any changes that would weaken this commonsense, much-needed legislation.”

Save the Fourth Amendment & protect our privacy rights! Send this message to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Tell the DNC: Eliminate undemocratic “superdelegates” for all future primaries

It should be common sense: elections should go to whichever candidate gets the most votes. But in the Democratic primary system, that’s not how it works. Candidates also need to win a lot of “superdelegates” – unaccountable party insiders that make up almost one-fifth of the “delegates” up for grabs in the primary. That means superdelegates have about same voting power as 5.5 million ordinary voters in Texas, Florida, Ohio, and Michigan! 

Tell the DNC: Bring back democracy to the Democratic primary process and eliminate the superdelegate system for all future primaries!

Smash the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)

The Computer fraud and abuse act has been used to quash speech and activism – and led to the tragic suicide of activist Aaron Swartz. Congress needs to fix it, but instead they’re pushing to make it even harsher and more expansive.

Tell your lawmakers to oppose expansion of the CFAA.

Protect New Neutrality and the Open Internet

Over the last two years, we’ve helped coordinate efforts to secure and defend strong net neutrality rules, to protect against Internet slow lanes and paid prioritization at the hands of the Big Cable industry.

We need to protect our wins.

Tell Congress you want to keep the net free and open.