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tubafresh, “Say No”

tubafresh – “Say No”

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Hear Chanell Crichlow melt her brass band sound into lo-fi pop gold

/ October 18, 2016

Photo by Andrew Piccone 

tubafresh is the solo project of Chanell Crichlow, who for the last 6 years has been the sousaphonist, MC, and manager for New York’s PitchBlak Brass Band. PitchBlak dubs itself “New York’s Hip Hop Brass Band,” and they succeed in blending hip-hop with jazz, Balkan brass, and New Orlean Second Line in a way that respects all the individual traditions and never feels heavy handed.

With tubafresh, Crichlow brings her style blending ability to a smoother lo-fi pop sound that has what she calls an “unapologetically queer center.” She uses many of the same tools as with PitchBlak – trumpets, marching band percussion – but melts them down, letting synth pads, effected violas, drum machines and her own voice shine. Crichlow’s compositions are as complex as her instrumentation, moving between pop verse-chorus structures and more classically informed instrumental sections. tubafresh skillfully juggles all these elements together into songs that are as catchy as they are compelling.

Hear the first single “Say No” from Crichlow’s upcoming EP Just Another Night, available November 10 on the tubafresh bandcamp.