Culture Is A Weapon. Join the Fight:

To exist is to resist

"A reminder that surviving and thriving have always been part of our existence. We come from a lineage of resiliency"

/ November 9, 2016

Photo by Manuelli Rodriguez

It’s a little past noon on November 9, 2016. I’ve been trying to charge my phone for a while and rehearsing the things I should say to my mother. The truth is I have nothing to say. And maybe there isn’t anything much to say but to listen to her. I’ve been staring at the phone and waiting for her to call me back. I find the need to apologize. I can’t help but feel guilt for not being able to extend my arms wide enough to protect her and my family. Papi. Mama. You placed your bodies in a back of a trunk. What were your thoughts?

What was the feeling in your bodies? Did you held each other hands? What were the words you whispered to each other? I feel selfish for not showing any interest growing up or for not wanting to hear them out loud. In my youth I thought that if our struggles were not talked about they would go away. This world has not been kind to you mother. These brown bodies feel like constant moving targets. I have always felt the urgency to protect you. To be your advocate at all times even when dealing with my own demons. I find it necessary to speak of your pain to whoever will listen. Sometimes I find myself questioning if I’m being too much or too loud or just a scratched record. Today is a confirmation that I must continue to push back. I know your body is tired. You have survived cancer after working long hours in a perfume factory when you first arrived to America. You have survived abusive relationships and with no one to turn to because of fear of this system. You have gone through hell and still managed to be one of the best comedians I know. I know that these times aren’t easy but I want to let you know I will always push back for you.

I am learning the importance of my community now more than ever. I come from a lineage of survivors, cabronxs, and luchadorxs. I look to my community for strength. They say the mind is forgetful, but the body never forgets. I feel the blood of my ancestors in my veins. A reminder that surviving and thriving have always been part of our existence. We come from a lineage of resiliency. Brown and black bodies: we must take care of each other now more than ever. Let’s organize, let’s listen to our elders, and each other. We have a long way to go but I believe in us.