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Roz and the Rice Cakes Share “Close Encounter” Video

Roz and the Rice Cakes – “Close Encounter”

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Providence indie rock trio explores alienation and otherness in supernatural clip

/ December 30, 2015

Photo by Jorge Vieira



Roz and the Rice Cakes is a three piece rock band from Providence, Rhode Island led by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Roz Raskin. We’re excited to premiere their video for “Close Encounter” above. We asked Roz about the origin of the video’s narrative, which focuses on alienation and otherness.


ROZ RASKIN: I had the idea for the video stirring around in my head for while.  Our friend and filmmaker Sam Eilertsen got in touch with me about collaborating a few years back and this project was right up his alley. I’m a big horror movie and mystery movie buff–I love X-Files, Twilight Zone, Close Encounters of the Third Kind–and I thought it could be interesting to give a visual representation of literal alien close encounters paired with the idea of fear of “otherness,” especially considering the current state of race, class, and gender in the US. The song reflects this sentiment as well.

I often felt like an outsider a great deal of my young life, especially being the only girl in almost every band I was in until I went to college and learned about feminism. I think many people have felt like an outsider at a point in their lives and can relate in some way. It’s nice to know you’re not the only weirdo out there. Also, we are super fortunate to have had so many great friends, actors, activists, and artists we know volunteer their day to help us film the video.  The full credited list is included under the video. Huge thanks to everyone involved!

Listen to and buy the track “Close Encounter”: