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Iris Creamer, ‘Minute-Man’

Providence MC + producer continues her ascent with a club-ready, sex-positive EP

/ May 17, 2018

Since the release of her 2017 EP DENIM, Iris Creamer has quickly established herself as Providence’s foremost DIY MC and producer. Rhode Island’s capital can seem isolated from the bigger scenes with national clout in the major east coast cities, but Creamer – aka Aura Moreno – has hustled her way into being a local staple while simultaneously making those wider connections. She’d opened for national acts like Sammus, Moor Mother, and more, makes the trip to play New York multiple times a month, and at 22 already has a line of stellar releases under her belt.

Recorded at b08 studios in Pawtucket, RI, Minute-Man is another jump forward for Moreno, giving us her biggest, clearest production and strongest vocal performances to date. DENIM was, according to REMEZCLA, “clubby R&B,” and Minute-Man retains some of that sound, particularly on its smooth second track, “BOY.” But the EP moves further into dance territory, using heavy house organs and more driving pop-influenced beats, as on “Track 4” and “Lemonade.” Creamer’s lyrics are as sex positive and clever as ever, which she says helped bring about the EP’s title. Moreno explains the “album concept and title came together when I realized these songs had strong sexual innuendo and they were all less than a minute.” Of course, she notes, “as I visited the studio to get them all recorded and mixed I’d just keep writing and adding on and they just became much longer than they were,” but the Minute-Man concept still seemed fitting for the EP’s attitude. Listen now and check out Iris Creamer this summer before her shows are too packed for you to get in.