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Flasher, “Erase Myself”

D.C. post punk outfit share single ahead of upcoming EP

/ April 5, 2016

Photo by Michael Andrade

We’ve all wanted to disappear. To escape our social expectations, imposed identities, structures, families, jobs, shame, and whatever else is holding us down, we fantasize about somehow freeing ourselves from our own person. For some it’s a fleeting impulse, while for others it’s a deeply embedded and recurring emotion. On “Erase Myself,” the second single from Washington D.C.’s Flasher, vocalist and guitarist Taylor Mulitz guides us through the heavier side of the feeling. He begins with, “When you tell me / That I have changed / I don’t believe you / I feel the same way” before hitting the song’s refrain, “I Erase Myself / To Release Myself.” It’s unclear what Mulitz is trying to erase, or what he’s using to erase it, but we’re all familiar with that piece or ourselves – or many pieces – that we know we have to nullify to really feel free. Particularly when everything in the digital arena begs us to brand ourselves totally, the idea of disappearing often seems all the more alluring.

These anxieties and protests are all over Flasher’s self-titled debut EP, to be released on Sister Polygon Records on April 8. The EP’s first single, released last week, is actually called “Tense,” and at points seemingly provides the listener with a list of concepts to feel stressed about. “Erase Myself,” like “Tense,” expresses its desperation over lushly arranged guitar/bass harmonies and intricate vocal layers. Drummer Emma Baker and bassist Daniel Saperstein round out the three-piece, and they create a wonderfully driving rhythm section, propelling the song ever-forward no matter what emotions or sonic drama may arise. There’s something familiar in the harmonies to Mulitz’s other work as bassist in Priests, but Flasher finds new ground here, delving deep into the dissonance and embracing bold, unconventional melodies. It’s a hugely impressive EP, and the songwriting and production throughout sound they’re coming from a band with years of releases behind them.

You can pick up a copy of their EP at Sister Polygon’s website or on their upcoming release tour:

Weds April 6 NYC @ Alphaville w/ Heavens Gate, Final Bloom, Rips
Thurs April 7 PROVIDENCE @ Wave Cloud w/ Hairspray Queen, La Neve
Fri April 8 BOSTON @ Black Lodge w/ Blood Club, Daephne, Maxi’s World
Sat April 9 PHILADELPHIA @ Lava Space w/ Pinkwash, Bad Canoes, Empath
Sun April 10 DC @ Open Studio DC (Damaged City Fest day show) w/ Gaucho, JJ Doll, Zipper
Sat April 16 DC @ Bathtub Republic w/ Swim Team, Bless, Journalism