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Big Huge, “Cruel World”

New York party rock outfit finds their political awakening on title track to their upcoming LP

/ July 20, 2017

Photos by Taryne Messer

Formed in 2012 in Brooklyn, Big Huge’s earlier material focused heavily on the rock concerns of partying and the search for meaning through pleasure and desperate strivings for connection. For instance, song titles on their previous release Orama included “Late at Night” and “Carnal Pleasure.” That’s no criticism, as their concern with finding a good time was always executed with class,  solid songwriting, poppy vocal melodies, and a desire to be free. On their upcoming LP Cruel World on Don Giovanni Records, Big Huge has undergone a political and spiritual awakening: “Amidst the whirlwind of bodies in motion – thin air is thick.  With the switch and swagger of rebellion, our political present rouses an urgent call for social accountability and self-truth in a system of reality built on their denial,” the band says in a statement.

Title track “Cruel World” bemoans this loss of innocence, recognizing our current astronomically high stakes and the need to take decisive action: “Cause we lit a match and / you can’t look back this time…It’s a cruel world / On the checkout line / I could wait for my number / or rob you blind.” It’s a condemnation of the capitalist mindset that destroys the world by incentivizing us to tear each other down to get a leg up. As the band says in their statement, “With each transgression against solidarity, we dig our place deeper down a mortal trench.” While Big Huge are getting at a more conscious message, they haven’t lost their knack for crafting perfect feel-good party music. “Cruel World” hits all the same big riff guitar pleasure centers as Sheer Mag, and vocalist Dan Reg seems to have more range and controlled power in his voice than ever before.

The band delves into our dire political situation throughout the record, with tracks like “Good Ol’ Boys” confronting the white American individualism behind Trump’s rise to power, and “Cop Blue” that takes on police brutality and racism. It’s encouraging to see this always strong band pushing themselves artistically and socially, and we hope Cruel World sees them delivering their message to a larger audience. The LP is out August 11 and you can pre-order now.

5 people stand against a wall, from the band Big Huge. In Spark Mag.