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AS ONDAS Share “La Mujer Que Robaba Recuerdos” Video

PREMIERE: London Supergroup Releases New Video "La Mujer Que Robaba Recuerdos"

/ May 17, 2016

“I’m basically the memory thief,” says As Ondas’ drummer Ochi Reyes, who wrote the lyrics for the band’s latest release La Mujer Que Robaba Recuerdos. “[The song is] about the permanence of fragments from which we construct the past.” In the video – made with director Jack Barraclough – we see Ochi’s face superimposed onto other people’s photographs. She takes them over, recreates them based on how she chooses to remember them. “Algunas cosas desaparecen / mientras otras no las olvidarás jamás,” she sings. (Some things disappear / while others are never forgotten.)

As Ondas are a London DIY supergroup made up of Ochi Reyes, Moema Meade, and Andrew Milk, who also play in Shopping, Joey Fourr, and Wachi Wachi among other bands. They’ve put out a string of effortlessly catchy pop songs over the last two years – sung in English, Spanish, and Portuguese – and their new video marks the first single off their upcoming LP Marés. Their previous work was beautiful and well-written, but their newest music sounds fuller, more cleanly produced, and more confidently executed. On La Mujer Que Robaba Recuerdos, the lead vocal floats perfectly above guitar echo and bouncing bass on the verses, setting us up for the layers of guitar melody and vocal harmonies on the chorus. It’s a great example of the band’s ability to make their intricate pop songwriting sound minimal and easy. After just a few listens you won’t be able to get the song’s breezy melancholy out of your head. Marés comes out on June 10th via Tuff Enuff in the UK and Jigsaw in the US and it promises to be an essential summer record.